Communication Skills


The Knowing Use Of Recovered & Empowered Natural Faculties & Abilities

Most folk don’t know how to communicate, or what communication is. They mistake style and panache for the true skill and ability of exact and powerful communication; they mistake force and loudness for power.

They think they are “good” communicators, but actually don’t know they don’t know how to really do it.

It is a symptom of a culture hooked on entertainment rather than the exact transfer of knowledge and understanding.

Communication can be stated and defined as: the action of projecting from an originator an envisioned image or concept across a space to a receiver with the intention of affecting at the receipt point an exact sameness (duplication) with full understanding of that which was projected from the originator. It requires presence, directed awareness, intention and purpose, control of the projection, responsibility for reception, and the duplication of the projected image or concept with complete understanding at the receipt point, in order for communication to fully succeed.

There are two action parts to communication — the sending and the receiving. And there are ten fundamental abilities used by a person in the action of sending communication. It is not just a matter of directing your message at some one (no matter how forcefully or stylishly) and expecting them to get it.

Masterful communication is an exact and precise action that requires the knowing use of all the component abilities that comprise the act of communicating:

Dynamic presence
Directed awareness (attention)
The exercise of volition and choice
Control and management of mood parity (emotional relationship)
The ability to exactly envision the concept to be communicated
The act of intending
The act of creating a projection
Control of the projection
Responsibility for receipt and exact understanding

As in the case of the out-flow action of communication, the receiving inflow action also requires a series of abilities be expertly applied if there is to be success.

Ability Consultants, Inc., employs precise exercise-like processes and drills that increase the power of each innate, individual ability to its proper natural level. Clients who graduate the Ability Consultants, Inc., Communication Mastery Course™ have mastery of these skills and abilities, and communicate with precision and uncommon success.

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