Dynamic Presence

Dynamic Presence
The Key to Competence, Performance & Mastery

The dictionary defines dynamic, in part, as: relating to energy or physical force in motion; energetic, vigorous, forceful; relating to or tending toward change. Thus, there is a dramatic difference between dynamic presence and passive presence.

But most stark of all is the fact that many individuals have no presence at all.

Individuals quite frequently are not willing or able to be present — the circumstances are too trying, the task too daunting, the pressure too much, there are unpleasant sensations or moods involved; and the individual fades away. He or she loses “it”. He or she can’t find the thoughts that were there a moment ago. The control of his or her mind, abilities and clarity of thought is lost. His or her power to reach, persuade, and accomplish is diminished, even lost.

Athletes refer to it as “loss of concentration” — and with it goes the loss of their power to win.

With loss of presence goes loss of power. It is that important a subject. Any honest person who is aware of his or her own feelings innately knows this.

Ability Consultants, Inc., especially addresses this subject with proven techniques that restore the ability to be powerfully, knowingly, dynamically present.

With the power and ability to be dynamically present restored, an individual can manifest his or her thoughts, project them powerfully, persuade others, and accomplish his or her visions. The individual is alive again, reaching, interested and successful.

And for athletes, it means they can truly deliver on the performance they promised themselves.