Keynote Speaking & Group Presentations

There is more to addressing a group than being entertaining or “motivational”.

Real value should be imparted.

For example: what point of enlightenment or regained ability or rekindled dreams and aspirations should be made occur? What is the long-lasting, hopefully life-changing, benefit to be achieved?

This is the kind of value we at Ability Consultants, Inc., see as being important to deliver with our group presentations.

Because of this, none of our presentations are generic, cookie-cutter, razzmatazz, hyper-ventilating pitches that are long on “personality” but short on real substance. We take the time to ascertain what it is you want to precisely achieve or impart to your audience, and we research and work with you to get it exactly right so you get the results you want.

And we can be funny too, outrageously funny we are told, in a dry, Australian kind of way. After all, the good Aussie attitude is: “Life is supposed to be enjoyed, Mate!” But the humor has an explicit purpose; it is a key to the easy conveyance of your main message. It is the carrier-wave upon which the benefits you wish to impart are transmitted.

Thus, no matter the subject, no matter the industry specialty or area of activity of your group, we at Ability Consultants, Inc., deliver a memorable, impactfull, highly entertaining, but beneficial presentation.

Roger E. Boswarva and/or Virginia Koenig will work with you in this regard.