Logic & The Ability to Analyze Information Is Essential to Your Success

The ability to correctly analyze the information one receives is critical to success; yet, routinely, executives have not been trained in this essential skill.

It is a grave omission.

Executives too often fail to recognize the illogic’s contained in the faulty data they accept — with disastrous consequences.

Data analysis — the act of actually analyzing and evaluating the information one receives in order to establish its integrity or lack thereof — is an essential action if one is to have successful outcomes from the decisions one makes. Too often the information an executive receives in reports, memoranda, and professional reading is flawed; with the consequence that the decisions and actions taken thereon have unexpected, deleterious, and time–wasting repercussions.

Huge amounts of money are lost by American businesses each year due to erroneous action, bad decisions, and time wasted spinning wheels as a consequence of accepting and acting on flawed data.

As an example: if one correctly analyzes the news one receives from mass media, one finds alteration of importance, contrary facts presented as each being correct in the same context, opinion and interpretations presented as facts, omission of needed data, and falsehoods — to name but a few of the flaws.

Executives trained by Ability Consultants, Inc., in data analysis avoid these pitfalls. They know how to recognize not only inaccurate data, but the illogically flawed data which is just as dangerous to use — flaws such as: contrary “facts” that are each stated to be true, wrongly addressed targets (wrong objective, who, or what), inapplicable data asserted to be relevant, alteration of importance, incorrect sequences, missing data, omitted time factor, incorrect time factor, opinions stated and accepted as facts, invalid interpretations of what is observed stated as fact, omission of comparable data against which to evaluate (such as data on the environment into which the data-set is being applied, alternative scenarios, or comparable products); and most important of all, an omitted or incorrectly stated ideal (ideal circumstance, product, or outcome).

Executives trained In data analysis by Ability Consultants, Inc., don’t make mistakes, or bad decisions, because of faulty data. They get the data right, so their decisions are soundly based and their outcomes attain the optimum results.