Personal Enhancement

What more valuable asset is there than you, yourself, and your abilities and natural talents?

Thus it would make sense to invest in oneself and one’s personal enhancement.

But the real question is, in what way? What do you want to empower, make better, or change the condition of ?

We each have a number of faculties, abilities, and capacities. If you are to increase your success, become wealthier, have better relationships, be more effective, or become free from unwanted conditions, it is your basic abilities that need be addressed so you can rise to the heights you aspire to.

“Piling on top of” your existing condition with advice, opinion, belief systems, tricks or techniques, doesn’t work because it only adds complexity to the existing condition — and very often actually causes confusion and instability. The underlying unwanted condition or incapacity isn’t changed for the better, it is merely masked or altered.

At Ability Consultants, Inc. we introduce fundamental principles you can test and verify the validity of, and we have you apply specific processes that enable you to enhance your ability and power levels; just as we do with champion athletes, with proven workable techniques. You will also use other processes that enable you to “clean the slate” so that your current impediments and misdirectors of power and ability such as inapplicable or erroneous precepts or belief systems, reluctances, or self-sabotage are removed (hence “cleaning the slate”).

We stress the word “you” here because it is not we who effect the change you want with these processes; but you. We believe in putting you in charge and making you more capable and more powerful; and this is not accomplished by doing things for you, or to you, or by practicing “our brilliance upon you” and telling you how to think.

At Ability Consultants, Inc. our mission is to make you more able; not to position ourselves as gurus or wise men upon whom we want to make anyone reliant.