Success Profiles

Many moons ago a wise man gave the advice to his fellows to “Know Thyself.”

It is very good advice — but the immediate question that follows, then, is: in what way, and toward what end?

And these are important questions.

It is currently a vogue in corporate America to employ “Personality Type Profiling” of executives and key managers in order to “ensure the right pegs go into the right holes.”

At Ability Consultants, Inc., we know there is a more workable approach available. We have found the notion that one is pre-ordained as to “personality type” or that one cannot change or add to one’s competencies or ability levels is erroneous.

We also disagree with the notion that the “experts” know more about you than you do. And we don’t like the idea of people being pigeon-holed or of people being treated as cogs in a machine. We don’t view people as though they are some sort of computer chip or some other kind of “component.”

As the new president of the American Psychological Association, Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman, was reported as saying in The New York Times on 28 April 1998:
“Psychology has essentially been negative for 100 years. Theories have generally focused on damage, as have techniques for intervention. Social science has believed negative things were authentic and strengths were coping mechanisms. But what I see in my own children are pure, unadulterated strengths that are not compensations for trauma, but intrinsic. I find myself beginning to believe psychology needs to ask, what are the virtues? We need to delineate them, assess them, ask causal questions. What are the interactions? How does it grow? Let’s talk of growth and questions of strength.”

We practitioners of Knowledgism™ at Ability Consultants, Inc., heartily agree. Indeed, this has been our focus and practice for more than 30 years. We can show that an individual’s abilities, capacities, interests, wants, and style of interface with his or her fellows can all be upgraded, enhanced, added to, made more of, improved, and changed to be more in line with each individual’s own desires, dreams and visions.

Hence our approach to individual analysis is that of Success Profiling™; not typing, labeling, and pigeon-holing. Our approach is that you have an innate sense of what you are truly capable of, and how well you are doing as compared to that measure.

Ability Consultants, Inc., employs two proprietary analyses with the individual. One is the Life Analysis, which profiles how the individual has set him or herself up for the game of life; and the other is the Skills Analysis, which profiles how ably the individual has developed his or her talents to play the game.

But the critical thing that sets our approach to client testing apart from other practitioners, and as being of more benefit to clients, is that our Success Profiling™ does not measure or compare the client to some imagined “norm” or theorized classification system in which “all humans fit.”

The Ability Consultants, Inc., Success Profile™ measures the client’s perception of his or her own life-setup and the client’s own measure of his or her level of success, attainment, and skills levels as compared to the client’s own true potential and standard of his or her ideal.

The importance of this is that the individual can then knowingly address the areas of his or her life-setup, and skills and abilities, that can be upgraded, enhanced, added to, made more of, improved, and changed to be more in line with the individual’s own desires, dreams and visions.

As the wisest man I ever heard said to a boy once: “You can be whatever you choose to be son, it only takes that you know what you want, that you pursue it, and that you set yourself up for it and develop the skills necessary for its attainment.”

The Ability Consultants, Inc., Success Profiling™ and Life Setups Services™ reveals and helps accomplish for the client what the client truly wants and feels he or she should be attaining.


The Ability Consultants, Inc. Success Profile™ comprises the analysis of three fundamental aspects of your existence:

The Life Analysis — this analyses how you have set yourself up in life: how you have created your beingness.

The Skills Analysis — this analyses how you have created and developed your various key skills and ability levels: the ability and skill with which you do what you do.

The Financial Fitness Analysis — this analyses your ability to have: your acceptance level, your ability to enjoy, use, have, own the fruits of your actions.

Thus the Success Profile™ gives you an accurate picture of your state of Being, ability to Do, and willingness and capacity to Have.

It is these three factors that are the essential keys to true success

One could also view them as being profiles of how big and powerful you are willing to be, how big are your wants, dreams and visions versus your true potential; how skilled and able are you to implement and attain your dreams and visions; and to what extent are you letting yourself be successful and attain and have your wants, dreams and visions.

With these factors understood, one can knowingly address the correct areas in need of improvement, enhancement, empowering, or change.


We each innately know we can do better; that we can improve. But the notion that one can actually address specific critical abilities and faculties and make them more available, improve them, upgrade them, and make them more powerful; or that one can change one’s style of interface with others to make it more in line with one’s dreams and aspirations, is new.

This is the importance of the SUCCESS PROFILE™. It enables one to correctly define the specific areas in need of change or that one wishes to upgrade and improve, and it leads to a course of action that makes sense for the individual.

Knowing your profile for the six aspects on each of the Life, Skills, and Financial Fitness Analyses enables you to apply the correct processes needed to upgrade your success potential and quality of accomplishments.