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Motivation is a much misunderstood subject.

Motivation is the key to all accomplishment. This is true for all the endeavors we engage in, whether as individuals, elite athletes or as business enterprises or in other team endeavors.

It is also an issue of concern to executives in the effort to achieve corporate performance.

One hears of corporate executives looking to motivate their people, or of “motivational speakers” or seminars being used to attempt to motivate the individual. One even hears it said that such things as money or fear are great motivators.

But these and other notions that depend on some agency outside of the individual in need of “motivation” are erroneous. Individuals are actually not motivated by factors or agencies outside of themselves.

The motivation, the energy and driving force, that is the stuff of accomplishment and excellence is native to the individual and comes from within the individual himself.

We each innately know this.

The key to being blessed with a highly motivated team of associates is to recognize this, and to then know how to unleash and focus the powers and ability to perform that is inherent in each of the individuals of one’s team. And it is particularly true for elite athletes and other individuals who wish to excel.

And the secret of this is to know what the essence of the motive power is that drives each individual’s intent to perform, produce, and have a passion for excellence.

And what is this essential element of life and career motivation? It is the individual’s wants; the specific wants of the individual that underlie all his dreams, all his aspirations, and all his actions.

The value of knowing and applying this in the contemporary corporate setting is, that to rekindle the wants of an individual is to rekindle his life. It has even been said that it is so powerful an action that it can almost raise the dead.

The scenario corporate America faces today, in too many places, is one wherein the individual wants of its team members have been abused, opposed, suppressed. The individual had been diverted away from a passionate pursuit of his purpose; blocked, stopped and invalidated, the wants that should be sparking the motive power of the individual are submerged and lost sight of. And with that submerging went the individual’s motivation, power, driving force — and, of course his performance.

Part of that unwanted scenario are the myriad practices indulged by management and amongst team members themselves (and in life in general) that heap abuse upon the individual’s wants, and thus his motivation.

At Ability Consultants, Inc. we have the answer to this. Our Motivation Restoration Handling™ is important because it restores not only the drive and passion for performance in individuals, but it aligns these wants and drive to perform with those of the team and the corporation. And this achieves stellar results for the bottom line of clients who use it.

Actualizing The Vision

Many dream big and have huge ambition: but few accomplish all they envision.

A magic few get exactly what they envision. Nikola Tesla, the genius who gave us the benefits of modern electricity with his discovery of how to transport and harness alternating current; and who is the true inventor of radio, having demonstrated a radio controlled model submarine to the U.S Navy in a flooded Madison Square Garden in New York City some eight years before Marconi managed to send a few dots and dashes through the air, was famed for having the ability to create a spiritual-mental, three-dimensional, holographic working model of his discoveries and being able to test and refine these models till they were perfected before he constructed them in the real universe.

At Ability Consultants, Inc. we don’t claim that we will deliver this kind of phenomenal ability on one of our basic courses, or in five or ten hours of private counseling — but it is an ability you will acquire with the application of sufficient of the ability enhancing exercises and processes we have available.

In the meantime, executives, elite athletes and others who are finding it slow going or unnecessarily hard to accomplish their true wants, objectives, or dreams and aspirations, will benefit from the “Set Ups for Success”™ technology and processes employed by us.

The accomplishment of one’s dreams and visions requires the application of a precise set of skills and abilities. They are a specific set of abilities and actions that must be applied exactly and in the correct sequence. Too often, ambitious individuals fail to achieve what they intend; and fail to fulfill their wants, dreams and visions because they lack this knowledge and do not apply correctly the needed technology.

At Ability Consultants, Inc., we have delineated the exactitude of this correct set-up, and have the technology that clients can learn and apply in order to guarantee success.

It is called The Set-ups for Success™ Course, and generally takes only twenty or so hours for a client to complete and learn how to succeed brilliantly at accomplishing whatever he or she intends.