The Management Process Sequence

There is more to management than “style,” or the fads and fashions of the day, or the cliches of the ancients — there is the sequence of a set of exact abilities applied, which is known as the MANAGEMENT PROCESS SEQUENCE™.

Management, by definition is: “the act, art, or manner of managing, or handling, controlling, directing, etc.” By practice, it is the exact sequence of applied natural abilities which when correctly carried out leads to the fulfillment of the intended and envisioned outcome

Most executives do not know what this sequence of actions is, nor what the abilities are that comprise it. It has been omitted from their training.

Most executives indulge in “management techniques” — and these techniques change as fads and fashions change. None are taught the underlying natural flow of the management process or the component parts of its procedure. Is it any wonder that “management” is a little understood process, and that its practice is rife with questionable actions and faux pas?

Whether one is managing people, projects, objects or any other things, or events, certain Natural Laws apply. There is a natural sequence of occurrences that must be accomplished if one is to have exact and desired outcomes in the areas one is charged with responsibility for.

At Ability Consultants, Inc., we have isolated these components of the management process, and can train managers in the exact implementation of their sequence.

Executives and managers who know the correct Management Process Sequence get results that set them apart from their peers.